DP2002: 5 benefits coffee machine for the office

5 voordelen van een zakelijke koffiemachine op het kantoor

It has been a household name in the workplace for years. A business coffee machine where the entire office can get a cup of coffee. A productive working day always starts with that delicious coffee moment at the office. But what if the coffee could be made even easier, better and cheaper. We are happy to tell you the benefits of a business fully automatic coffee machine for the office!


1#. Coffee in the office makes you happy and productive!
2#. Coffee is the business card of your company
3#. Drink coffee with colleagues
4#. Good coffee keeps employees happy
5#. Drink different coffee specialties

1# Coffee in the office makes you happy and productive!

That cup of coffee in the morning is important. It contains a perfect dose of caffeine that ensures that you develop cortisol after 10 to 15 minutes. This creates an active state of awareness. This will give you and your colleagues a boost of focus and energy.

In addition, the moment at the business coffee machine offers you and your colleagues a nice moment to chat. This way they no longer have to be distracted from work, the coffee moment has already passed.

2# Coffee is the business card of your company

What do you offer when you receive a customer? Right, a cup of coffee. You can have a smooth sales conversation, a modern office and a good product. But if you serve less quality coffee, this will also leave an unpleasant taste in the subconscious of the customer. So make sure that the coffee supports your company and connects with both staff and customers. We as Hipresso have selected a bean especially for you that is perfectly roasted for the business market. click here

3# Drink coffee with colleagues.

You do not start a working day alone. It's much more fun to do that together. Research concludes that when you drink coffee with colleagues, creativity and mutual connection are improved within the team. This way you offer the team a nice moment to start up and discuss the much-needed news matters.

But it is of course much more fun to find out what keeps your colleagues busy while enjoying a coffee at the coffee corner. But, make sure your coffee is good. Otherwise, employees will prefer the local coffee shop to the coffee corner. With a business fully automatic coffee machine such as the DP2002 you will not go wrong. This way you ensure that your coffee corner will come to life.

4# Good coffee keeps employees happy.

Research shows employees good coffee is more important than the canteen, a company outing and free lunch. It is consumed every day, and the quality of the coffee will also lead to the quality of the worker's work. Employees spend more time in the office than at home. That is why it is important to offer better coffee than you are used to at home.

This will promote the company culture because the employees will be more valued within the company.

5# Drink different coffee specialties.

Everyone has their own preferred coffee specialty. The DP2002 coffee machine has 13 different options, something for everyone. It is best to drink several coffees throughout the day to keep your caffeine content in balance. This is best done by starting the morning with a shot of espresso. Next, you switch to a lungo (coffee). You end with a cappuccino or latte macchiato. This will keep your caffeine levels under control, as will your focus and productivity.