How do you keep coffee at the office nice now that many employees have bought good coffee at home?

De juiste koffiemachine voor op kantoor

Now that working from home has become more and more normal and many of your employees have also bought a just new 'Jura' or other high-quality brand for their home, coffee at work is no more. Surely there must be another way? More and more companies offer partly office work, whereby a limited number of employees work in the office on agreed days.

The large office coffee machine out the door

Now that many of your employees are only at the office a few days a week and they often have a good machine at home, less and less coffee is being drunk at the office. Advantage for the boss; the big expensive coffee machine can go out. Many companies replace the large coffee machines with smaller machines that freshly grind the beans and brew the cup. Takes a little longer but this also has its advantages.

A smaller coffee machine often takes a little longer to brew the cup of coffee, but this offers several advantages. For example, the employee comes out from behind the office for a while, where the fresh coffee offers an extra pleasure compared to the large filter coffee machine. The employees can also chat with each other about what happens less at the moment, employees appreciate this very much.

Benefits for the boss

Besides the advantages for the employees, a smaller machine also offers advantages for the boss. For example, the employees no longer have to wait for maintenance, this can be carried out easily, quickly and efficiently by one of the own employees or the cleaning team. This way you are no longer stuck with an expensive long-term contract.

From now on, the coffee beans can also be selected by the employees themselves or by the boss. Often an unnecessary amount of money is paid in subscriptions for coffee beans at the office where the quality is low and the taste of the coffee will always be exactly the same. How nice it is to involve drinkers in what they drink, in all cases budget is left over when switching from the 'expensive' contract.

Social aspect coffee machine in the office

In addition to the coffee benefits, a smaller machine also has a major influence on the social aspect of the atmosphere in the coffee room. A smaller coffee machine gives a more homely feeling in the coffee room, whereby the conversations between colleagues can be made a little more accessible.

Hipresso DP2002 - Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Regular price$1,102.00

A world of coffee comes to life at your fingertips with our Hipresso DP2002. A fully automatic espresso machine with a stunning design and brewing performance. With a double thermoblock that allows you to simultaneously make your coffee and heat your milk. Discover our fully automatic coffee machine and order directly to bring the ultimate coffee experience into your home.

Intuitive operation.

To see. To touch. To enjoy.

The large 7-inch smart HD touchscreen makes brewing coffee as intuitive as drinking coffee. A simple touch of your favourite coffee preparation is all it takes to create a beautiful cup of coffee.

All coffee preparations.

No barista training required.

Enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee, without having to think about volume, dose or temperature. Effortlessly brew professional espresso, café lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white or even hot milk and tea. Would you still like to experiment with flavours? Then simply program the temperature, the coffee dose, the milk and water volume yourself.

An astonishing design.

Superb eye-catcher.

The compact machine's matte black body is flanked by brushed aluminum sides. You can' t keep your eyes off this design.

Cleans itself.

Is ultimate. Stays ultimate.

The machine keeps itself in top condition with a number of pre-programmed cleaning programs. The brew group, milk foam accessories, drip tray, water tank and waste container are individually removable and easy to clean.

Technically refined.

Remarkable specifications.

19 Bar Italian pump.
The high workload perfectly extracts all taste sensations from the bean and creates creamy coffee.

Swiss pressure gauge.
Measures with unprecedented precision and harmonises your cup.

High-quality conical grinding discs.
Professional adjustable grinders guarantee an optimal brewing process.

Double thermoblock system
Water and milk are simultaneously but separately heated for a fast brewing process of unsurpassed delicious coffee. This system will lead to less limescale formation and an extra long lifespan.

Model Number:


AC 120V 60Hz:

AC 220-240V 50/60Hz

Power usage:



7” HD TFT (pixel:1024*600)

Touch screen:

Smart touchscreen

Capacity water tank (L):


Capacity coffee bean tank (g):


Capacity coffee grounds container (PCS):


Coffee powder single cup (G):


Single cup volume (ml):


Spout height (mm):


Net weight (kg):


General dimensions (mm):


Recommended accessory

Dream. Team.

The design milk container made of brushed stainless steel keeps your milk cool and fresh and is essential for the automatic preparation of milk specialties.

Click here to download the Dutch manual of the Hipresso DP2002.

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to download the English manual of the Hipresso DP2002.