A modern Coffee Machine

Wat zijn de voordelen van een volautomatische koffiemachine?

A fully automatic coffee maker does not have to be expensive, but it should be elegant and convenient to use. What makes a coffee machine fully automatic and what features can you expect from such a device?

More than a modern look

A fully automatic coffee machine often starts with a modern look, but there is often much more behind it. We find the following points important in a good modern coffee machine:

- Appearance
- Possibilities
- Degree of automation

In appearance, several points can make a coffee machine modern. For example, most modern coffee machines are fully automatic, which are often operated via a display. Everything can be controlled via such a display: from the type of coffee that is desired, the amount of coffee, cleaning programs and sometimes even the desired temperature.

Where you operate everything via the aforementioned touchscreen, elements such as milk jugs and functionality also count. You can see that some devices have a 'special edition' water reservoir in which the most beautiful design elements are combined with each other. However, we should mention that you will only find this on the top line models.

 Display/touch screen on a modern fully automatic coffee machine

Different options on a modern device

Where a modern coffee machine is operated via a display, this offers the producer the opportunity to offer more different types of coffee. For example, the double brews can offer more options and with a milk system you can not only offer a cappuccino, but also a latte macchiato, hot milk or foamed milk.

Also, the amount, strength and temperature can be set directly on the screen by means of a touch display. You see this on many different devices with a display, but we advise you to look carefully at whether this is also the way you want it on the device.

Modern cleaning - degree of automation

A modern coffee machine is often also a fully automatic coffee machine. The machines can clean themselves completely automatically, but the smaller the water reservoir, the more often you have to refill it while a cleaning program is running. It is also important to know which cleaning programs the device offers, if it can only descale itself, you should, for example, keep the brew group clean. So not ideal!

When you know which options are offered, you can determine whether this meets your needs. Most devices have the following programs:

- Descaling program
- Brew group cleaning
- Milk system cleaning
- Flush system

When all 4 programs are on the device, the device can keep itself completely clean. The only thing is that you have to empty and refill the water bowl and water reservoir. The coffee residue must also be emptied.


Coffee machine with water connection

We are also regularly asked whether a particular coffee machine has a water connection. We only recommend using a water connection in professional situations where the device is used so much that a permanent connection is sensible. We also advise you to choose a maintenance plan, so you don't have to arrange a mechanic yourself in case of problems.