5 advantages for a coffee machine with a milk jug

Volautomatische koffiemachine met melksysteem

In the past, most coffee machines were supplied with a steam nozzle or special container in which the milk can be put in for a cappuccino or latte machiato. Current coffee makers use a separate milk jug that is connected to the device via a hose.

What is the advantage of a milk jug?

A separate milk jug can be connected to the Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine. Ideally, this milk jug can be connected to the coffee maker with a hose. The device pulls the cold milk out of the device via this hose and foams/heats it into the cup of coffee. The advantage of the milk jug is that the milk is not in the coffee machine itself and will therefore mold less quickly. When the barista has finished making the milk product, the milk carafe can easily be placed back in the fridge, so that the small users can enjoy a nice milk system without having to throw away a lot of milk.

The milk jug is very similar to a tube. But what is that snake? Many devices have a milk system where a tube can be placed in a milk carton. This hose system is considered by many people to be the most convenient, from a cleanliness point of view but also from an efficiency point of view.


Hipresso milk jug for fully automatic coffee makers

Does a milk jug need to be cleaned often?

A milk jug also needs to be cleaned eventually, but this is many times less than with a completely internal milking system. The advantage of a milk carafe is that the parts can be easily disassembled and cleaned directly under the tap. Because this system can be cleaned so easily under the tap, cleaning the milk carafe is only a matter of minutes and everything is clean again as desired!

Also, the milk jug is a nice addition to the aforementioned hose. Basically, the Hipresso coffee machine works with a hose and the milk jug is only an added accessory, but it is an important accessory. With the milk jug you have a perfect coffee experience, such as Hipresso is happy to offer you!

How do I properly clean and keep the milk carafe and milk system?

A milk system should always be kept clean. In this way, your fully automatic coffee machine will continue to provide a nice foam layer in the future. In this blog we tell you exactly how to keep your coffee machine clean.

The milk system can easily be kept clean with a milk system cleaner. These cleaners can dissolve lumpy milk that remains in the system and take these lumps out with the water. In addition, the cleaner also takes other residues left behind. Often this cleaner has to be mixed with warm water and can be taken through the system to also clean the internal system. On the outside of the milk system cleaner packaging is stated the ratio with which the cleaner should be mixed with warm water.

When the Hipresso milk system cleaner is used, it must be mixed 1 in 3 with warm water. The mouthpiece must then be removed from the outlet and placed in a container with the cleaning solution. Leave it for about 15 minutes. After this, the milk system cleaning program can be switched on, the system will clean itself completely with warm water.

Hipresso milk system cleaner

Which milk frother is best for me?

If you already have some experience with frothing milk via a steam pipe, you will be able to froth the milk exactly as desired. If you have no experience with a steam pipe, we do not recommend it. A steam wand is a somewhat more complicated process in which you have to froth the milk just the right amount, heat and time. However, if you are good at it, the milk will froth exactly as you wish.

With a hose, the milk reservoir is external, such as with the Hipresso coffee machine. The tube can be connected to a milk jug or something similar. Also, the tube can sometimes be placed directly in a milk carton. The machine will then draw in the milk. No experience is required with this form of milk frothing!

With an internal milk system, there is a milk container in the device. The machine takes the milk from this reservoir and then froths it. Some devices can clean the entire system themselves, but the reservoir must be cleaned regularly to prevent the milk residues from getting mouldy. This is a bit more complicated with a built-in milking system.

If you are not yet a professional with milk, we advise you to use a milk system with a tube.

Hipresso coffee machine with hose for milk system


Best fully automatic coffee machine with milk system

The best fully automatic coffee machine with milk system depends on your wishes, expectations and expertise. However, we can recommend a Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine to anyone who wants an easy but tasty cappuccino, latte macchiato or other milk product. The coffee machine makes a nice foam layer and has automated cleaning programs for the internal part of the milk system.