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You wake up. After a daily morning routine, you want to make a nice cup of coffee with your bean coffee machine. Everyone is still asleep. The bean coffee machine turns on but makes so much noise that your morning mood gets even worse than before. Sounds annoying right? It's time for a silent coffee machine that still emits a small sound so that you can enjoy the sound of freshly ground coffee beans. Which silent coffee machine with bean grinder is best to use for this?


  1. What are silent fully automatic coffee machines?
  2. My coffee machine is making too much noise.
  3. Tips for noise problems with a fully automatic coffee machine
  4. What are the best coffee beans for a silent coffee machine experience?
  5. The best silent fully automatic coffee machine. 

What are silent coffee machines with bean grinder?

First of all, it is of course useful to know what fully automatic coffee machines actually are. A silent fully automatic coffee machine is the best machine that makes your favorite cup of coffee such as an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or flat white fully automatically. These devices are nowadays very common in most living rooms or kitchens.

The people who opt for a silent fully automatic machine always have a bit of knowledge. A device that can make your cappuccino or espresso fully automatically is a great convenience. All you have to do is fill the water, beans and perhaps milk. These are the best coffee makers and are often tested abroad such as Italy.

Another great advantage of the machine is that the beans are ground shortly before use, so that the coffee is very full of flavor. The best coffee beans are often combined and come from different countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala.


The best silent fully automatic coffee machine from the Netherlands with Hipresso coffee beans

My coffee machine with bean grinder is making too much noise

It is never nice if your coffee machine makes too much noise, which can be experienced as disturbing. But what is a silent coffee machine?

Below is an overview of comparable products that make noise:

silent coffee machine

up to 66 decibels (db)

Average coffee machine

between 66 and 70 decibels (db)

Loud coffee machine

above 70 decibels (db)


maximum 28 decibels (db)

Washing machine at full speed

75 decibels (db)


Tips for noise problems with a fully automatic coffee machine

Many problems can occur with a coffee machine, causing a coffee machine to make a lot of noise. Here are the 3 most common problems with a loud coffee machine.

  1. The water tank is not positioned correctly.
  2. Air in the machine: If there is air in the machine, the machine will make a loud buzzing sound and no water will be drawn from the water tank into the machine. If you turn the coffee machine off and on again, the problem is often solved. 
  3. Cleaning the brew group: the brew group is usually located on the side of the coffee machine and sometimes needs to be cleaned. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner, for example.

What are the best coffee beans for a quiet coffee machine experience?

We always recommend using high-quality coffee beans. High-quality coffee beans have a better and constant quality in taste and bean. Low-quality beans may contain stones or burnt beans that have been filtered off from the high-quality beans.

Also, a low-quality bean can have a higher fat content, which can affect the coffee machine in the long term. This is noticeable in the fineness and constant flow of ground coffee from the bean grinder.

At Hipresso, these are the three Hipresso coffee beans. The Hipresso coffee beans make the best coffee while watching a Wimbledon game between Tim van Rijthoven and Novak Djokovic.

            Tim van Rijthoven enjoys Wimbledon with a cup of coffee and tennis ball against Novak Djokovic

De beste stille volautomatische koffiemachine? 

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Een stille volautomatische koffiemachine met bonenmaler en melkopschuimer