What does the boss cost the cup of coffee at the office

Wat kost een koffiemachine voor op kantoor met koffiebonen voor op kantoor?

The Dutch are one of the largest coffee drinkers in the world, on average about 4 cups of coffee a day. Coffee is especially popular in the office and people like to make coffee in the office with a fine coffee machine. Where we used to be satisfied with a cup of filter coffee, nowadays we only drink fresh bean coffee and the demand for coffee has only increased. But what does this cup of ground coffee actually cost the boss?

“A third of coffee drinkers consider themselves connoisseurs”


1. Which coffee do we prefer to drink at the office?
2. How do you determine the size of the coffee machine on the premises?
3. Let's start with the machine

The Nescafe coffee meter has shown that one in three coffee drinkers consider themselves a coffee connoisseur. For example, a good cup of ground coffee can offer employees a great opportunity to get off to a good start and to offer their employees the 'coffee talk'. However, a good machine is more expensive to use and as the coffee gets better, it is often drunk more. Fortunately, today the boss can purchase a device in various ways in the form of leasing, renting or buying the regular. Many devices also have a 24-hour service available to prevent the entire office from getting into a morning mood. 

Take a quick look at our coffee machine which fits perfectly in the office!

Which coffee do we prefer to drink at the office?

One third of all offices in the Netherlands use Espresso beans. Espresso beans are beans that preferably have a dark roast profile. A second advantage of the Espresso beans is that they are a good starter for the employees. A dark burnt profile is distinguished by its dark brown color and glossy, oily surface. Click here to view our beans.

We recommend using the Espresso beans in the office. The average Dutch drinker likes a 'strong cup of coffee'. That strong cup of coffee does not necessarily have to be achieved with a super-deluxe coffee machine. Many of the coffee drinkers buy very dark roasted coffee beans which give the 'strong' taste to the cup of coffee.

As previously written, the coffee beans in the office are of the utmost importance. We therefore advise an office to opt for the premium arabica beans. These beans offer employees rich aromas, making the cup of coffee (almost) tastier in the office. The advantage for the office is extra fresh employees. Keep an eye on the excessive use of the coffee machine.

One in five companies still uses instant coffee and the same group drinks coffee from concentrate. Because there are so many different types of beans, milk, teat cups and devices, it is difficult to give a precise answer to the key question of what it costs the boss.

How do you determine the size of the coffee machine on the premises?

To determine the size of the coffee machine, you need to answer a number of questions about the size of your company and what your wishes are:

  • How many people are present in the office every day?
  • How many of these people drink coffee and to what extent?
  • Do other drinks need to come out of the machine besides coffee?
  • What is the budget for the machine?

When you have a clear answer to all the questions, the search for a machine can begin.

Let's start with the coffee machine

Many companies buy expensive coffee makers that quickly go in the direction of 3600 euros. An advantage of such a device is that it is quick to set and can carry out even more maintenance itself. However, we do not recommend that you immediately go for the most expensive coffee machine. The simpler machine may last a little less, but can be considerably cheaper in the long run! Also, the simpler coffee machine can take longer to brew one cup per coffee. We know from experience that making the cup of coffee offers the opportunity to address that colleague that you normally do not speak directly.

Take a look at our machine. Often, there are companies that rent the devices, you quickly pay 1500 euros per year for this. These are often coffee machines that require little maintenance, only the drinker will taste this. The rent includes the annual maintenance costs of approximately 600 euros per year. When purchasing a device, most companies depreciate their purchased device in 5 years.

Depending on your device, which coffee beans or type are drunk to make an estimate for the coffee drunk. For example, offices with old employees often drink slightly weaker coffee. Roughly speaking, 9600 cups of coffee are made per machine. This is approximately 80 kilograms (kg) of coffee. A kilogram (kg) costs about 20 euros, which can be used to make 120 cups, about 16 cents per cup of coffee. But then there are any additional costs for the milk, sugar, stirrer or paper cup. We spend about 2 cents per cup of coffee on electricity.

All in all, we arrive at about 39 to 41 cents per cup of coffee.