How long does caffeine stay in your body?

Hoe lang blijft Cafeïne in je lichaam?

An evening awake from caffeine after drinking a good cup of coffee. Horrible! You thought you could have a coffee at 20:00. You are not the only one who makes this error of judgment, it bothered me yesterday. How long does caffeine stay in your body? Until when can I enjoy my last cup of coffee?

Caffeine in general

Caffeine is sometimes compared to drugs. It quickly reaches your bloodstreams and you feel very effect very quickly. After 4 minutes, half of the caffeine is already in your blood. You only notice the effects after about half an hour. Caffeine then stays in your blood for 5 hours if you are a healthy person. A bit like alcohol.

After 10 hours that is then a quarter, this is called a half-life. Every hour a little bit is broken down.

Of course, this is still influenced by weight, height, pregnancy and whether or not someone smokes. So it is not surprising if you are still full of energy and your colleague is ready for a new cup after two hours.

When to stop caffeine

By listening carefully to your body, you can now make sensible choices with regard to drinking at certain times. Stop drinking coffee around 3:00 PM if you notice that you can't sleep for a long time if you drink coffee after a certain time. So experiment! If you still want to drink coffee in the evening? Then go for a decaf, this is coffee without caffeine.