What is a cup of coffee good for?

Waar is een kop koffie goed voor?

What is a cup of coffee good for?

Almost 80% of the Dutch drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Often before they go to work or school, but of course also when you have a relaxing day at home. But what is actually in a cup of coffee and what does it do to you?

A cup of coffee

Black coffee consists of ground coffee beans and water, whether it comes from instant coffee, bean coffee or coffee cups, the content remains the same. Everyone can give their own taste to their favorite cup of coffee. This can be done by adding milk or sugar or choosing one of the countless coffee cup flavors.

Coffee beans themselves contain a small amount of sugar (0.2g per 250g of coffee) and caffeine. There is also cafestol and kahweol in a coffee bean, but this is often filtered out by the coffee machine.

Types of coffee

What is a cup of coffee good for?

Ground coffee good for you?

Coffee tastes best from an espresso machine. For example, you can opt for a fully automatic espresso machine, where you put the beans yourself and the machine grinds the beans and lets the hot water run through the ground coffee beans. Alternatives to this are the coffee cups or instant coffee. Both contain ground coffee and can often be prepared faster than a cup of coffee with fresh beans.

Different coffee beans also give different flavors. In addition, there are also differences in the amounts of sugars and caffeine in a coffee bean. Two well-known coffee bean varieties are Arabica and Robusta. For example, an Arabica coffee bean contains 1-1.5% and a Robusta coffee bean 2% caffeine. With these beans you can often set how many grams of coffee beans are in a cup of coffee with a fully automatic coffee machine. Depending on your settings, the cup of coffee will be stronger/weaker, but also richer/poorer in caffeine.

Effects of coffee

The main effect of coffee is due to the caffeine it contains. Caffeine is sometimes seen as something bad for your body, this is not true! Caffeine, if not consumed in excess, can actually be good for you. You have more energy during the day and can often concentrate better. Not long ago it was also known that caffeine can even improve performance at work and school. Athletes also benefit from drinking caffeine, for example they can run longer or train harder.
For example, you can add milk or sugar to your cup of coffee. Sugars in your coffee, just like caffeine, provide increased energy throughout the day.

However, in excess, coffee can be bad for you. Too much coffee can cause headaches or nausea. It can also cause high cholesterol in the long term. Coffee is something to enjoy with every sip you take, enjoy it but drink it in moderation.

So what is a cup of coffee good for?

In addition to a great taste sensation that a cup of coffee brings, there are also physical effects of your favorite drink. It provides more energy and improved concentration. Whether you're working late or finishing a project, coffee is your best friend. For the best taste, choose a fully automatic coffee machine with fresh Arabica or Robusto coffee beans. Add some to your coffee yourself for the best taste sensation. Coffee capsules or instant coffee are available for convenience. Take your time for a nice cup of coffee and your day can not go wrong.


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