The origin of our fantastic coffee beans.

Waar komen verse koffiebonen vandaan?

Where do the Hipresso beans come from?

As you probably already know, after extensive research, we have made a selection of three specialty coffee beans. Our goal was actually to find a bean that everyone likes. But soon enough we learned that coffee is such a personal thing, not one bean is good enough for that. That is why we started tasting with various professionally recognized baristas and the sensory taster from Douwe Egberts. With the so-called “cuppings” we have made a nice selection of three beans for three different coffee drinkers. The Hipresso green, Hipresso white, and the Hipresso gold.

But where do these beans come from? And what is the background of these coffee beans? We tell you more about that in this blog.

Hipresso Gold

The Hipresso gold coffee bean is a 100% Arabica from Colombia. This bean is grown at an altitude of about 1200 meters in the mountains of Santander. This bean has been selected for the coffee drinker who is looking for just that little bit more in his coffee. 

This bean is grown in central Colombia, within the Santander region. It is a fascinating area, untouched, and full of nature. In one of the mountain villages, the coffee plantation is located at about 1300 to 1700 meters. The temperature and air pressure are mild, which means that the coffee bean ripens extra slowly, which gives extra aromas in the acidity and sweet aftertaste.

The bean is harvested around October-December and April-June. Harvesting and washing takes about a month. When these are ready for transport, they are transported to Vignola, Italy. Here our home roaster Marco will roast the coffee beans with the utmost professional passion and profession.

The taste profile of the beans contains light sweet tones, medium acidity and round full of flavour.

Hipresso White

The Hipresso white is a mix of 80% Costa Rican Arabica and 20% Guatemalan Robusta. This bean has been specially developed for the cappuccino drinker, but wants to experience an exciting shade in his coffee

This mix comes in part from a village south of San José, Costa Rica, from the mountains of Tarrazú. This coffee is the absolute top of the line and is grown at about 1300 meters above sea level. Together with the Guatemala Robusta Lavato that is grown at 600-700 meters, it creates a spicy, but balanced taste in your cappuccino.

The taste profile of the beans is fresh, quite aromatic, sweet due to the taste of dry fruit and chocolate.

Hipresso Green

The Hipresso Green consists half of our 100% Arabica from Colombia together with a 100% Arabica from Brazil. This coffee is a real all-rounder and works just as well in a cappuccino as it does in an espresso.

The Brazilian 100% Arabica does not just come from anywhere. This one comes from the Pedreguhol and Franca region. The Alta Mogiana Franca coffee has been important within the Italian coffee world for years.

The flavor profile of the fantastic blend is spicy, sweet and reminiscent of a nutty flavour.

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