Kentucky Coffee - Best Coffee Drinks

Hipresso lekkerste koffiedrankjes - Kentucky koffiedrankjes

In this series of blogs we discuss the best coffee drinks with and without alcohol.

Kentucky is known for its Bourbon. So why not try to combine this with each other? People have been ahead of you and it tastes good too! Together they make a delicious combination of Bourbon and coffee. One of the better combinations of Alcohol with coffee!



- 30ml Bourbon
- 15ml Kahlua
- Splash of vanilla extract
- Sugar
- Whipped cream
- Coffee



Start by filling your glass halfway with hot coffee. We always advise you to preheat the glass, it just gives the experience a boost. Add 30ml Bourbon. It doesn't matter which Bourbon you add in this one. Then add the 15 ml coffee liqueur (Kahlua) and top it off with the dash of vanilla extract. If you don't have the latter, don't worry, the drink will still be very tasty. If you don't think the taste is sweet enough, you can top the drink with a little bit of sugar, do this to taste. Then we fill the glass with whipped cream. Tip: take it easy with the whipped cream, this ensures that the whipped cream lies nicely on the drink.