Top 5: Where do coffee beans come from?

Waar komen verse koffiebonen vandaan?

Number 1: Brazil 54,500,000

Brazil is the world's number 1 coffee exporter. With 54 million bags of coffee of 60 kg, also the largest grower of coffee beans. In Brazil, mainly Arabica coffee beans are grown, all of this mostly in the state of Minas Gerais. The Robusta is also grown in Brazil, but it is grown in the much smaller south-east of Espirito Santo, where about 80% of the cultivated coffee is Robusta.

The first production started in the 18th century. In the 19th century, coffee flourished from the moment the Italian immigrants came to work on the coffee plantations. Brazil was at its peak around 1920, but this has fallen further and further due to growing global production. 

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Number 2: Vietnam 18.725.000

Vietnamese coffee is fast becoming a trend. The Vietnamese coffee is more than just a simple Arabica or Robusta. The coffee refers to a way of brewing as a way of roasting. The Vietnamese beans are roasted very dark with additions such as butter, whiskey, salt, rice liqueur or even sugar and fish sauce. Often flavors and fragrances are added, such as vanilla and hazelnut, with vanilla being an age-old cliché aroma that can be found in Vietnamese coffee powder.


Number 3: Colombia 9.500.000

Colombia is known for its high-quality beans. The beans are named after the region where they come from: Medellin, Armenia and Manizales. The most central growing area for coffee beans is Medellin (Supremo), which is why it is the most important bean from Colombia. These beans are marketed under the name 'Mam' and have an acidity that is relatively higher than the beans from the east of the country.

The Castillo bean is also worth mentioning. This bean is resistant to coffee rust, which the other beans are not all resistant to. The Castillo bean shares the genetics with the Robusta beans, which makes many doubt the quality of the beans. This bean is known for its smoothness, aroma and citric acid content. In addition, there is evidence that this bean has potential for high-quality single-origin beans.

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Number 4: Indonesië 9.325.000

The Indonesian coffee beans are known under the names 'Kopi Luwak' and 'Civet coffee' which are one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world. This high price is not due to the exclusivity of the coffee bean itself, but to the production process.

The coffee beans are grown on plantations where the seeds are eaten by the Luwak. The pulp is then digested, leaving the pit intact. The seeds are then recovered through the faeces. The seeds are thoroughly washed and the skins are removed from the kernels. After this process, the seeds are lightly roasted. The amino acids that were released earlier burn themselves into the beans during roasting, which ensures a special taste.

Because the seeds are difficult to find from the faeces of the Luwak, this ensures a high price and exclusivity of the beans. Besides Indonesia, there are many other countries where the production process is shaped in this way.

Luwak coffee
Luwak coffee


Number 5: India 5.100.000

What makes the coffee beans from India special is the way they are processed. After picking the seeds, they are placed in warehouses for 12-16 weeks, which are half open. In this period, the Monsoon rain starts, causing the humidity to rise very much. The beans slowly absorb the moisture, causing the seeds to turn from green to yellow. The beans from India have a full body and no acid or odor reminiscent of cigars. This type of beans can be used well for cappuccino or latte.


The main coffee bean countries where coffee is grown are Latin America and Africa.