What is the difference between robusta and arabica coffee beans?

Wat is het verschil tussen Robusta en Arabica koffiebonen?

You probably know it. The large shelf of coffee beans in the supermarket, specialty coffee shop or online. The choice is huge, however, which differences are there in the coffee beans and which should you choose?

A coffee bean is seen as very easy, but not every coffee bean can be consumed. In total there are up to 60 types of coffee. Of the 60, 2 are suitable for consumption, these are the berries of the Arabica and Robusta plant. Both are coffee beans while there is a big difference in the taste between the two coffee beans.

Arabica coffee

The Arabica coffee bean from the coffea arabica plant is the most consumed coffee worldwide. You can recognize the Arabica coffee by its refined taste with a soft sweet tone. It is often labeled as sweet or sour by the drinker. When one drinks a pure Arabica coffee, it is often experienced as delicious because of its refined taste. Compared to the Robusta, the Arabica bean has a lower caffeine content, due to its origin.

Arabica koffie van de Coffea Arabica plant. Wat is het verschil tussen Robusta en Arabica koffiebonen?
Robusta koffie van de Robusta plant. Wat is het verschil tussen Robusta en Arabica koffiebonen?
Robust coffee

Where the Arabica coffee has a soft taste, the Robusta coffee has a firm and strong taste. This is because the Robusta beans grow at a lower height. Coffee that is 100% Robusta is actually rare. However, Robusta coffee is often used in blends. The Robusta coffee can provide just a little more spice and bitterness in these blends.

Verschillen in hoogtes van groeien

Hoe hoger je in de lucht komt, des te meer moeite hebben insecten en virussen om te overleven. Dit komt door de lagere zuurstofgraad. Van dit voordeel maken de planten ook gebruik en anticiperen hierop.

Het grote verschil tussen de Robusta koffieboon en de Arabica koffieboon komt voort uit de hoogte waarop deze groeien. De Cafea Arabica plant groeit vanaf een hoogte van 600 meter. De hogere kwaliteit Arabica koffiebonen komen van gemiddeld 1500 meter hoogte.

Een koffieplant beschermd zichzelf tegen insecten en virussen door cafeïne aan te maken. Zoals eerder uitgelegd hoeft een plant op hogere hoogte zichzelf minder goed te beschermen tegen insecten en virussen dan een plant die lager gelegen groeit. Zo heeft de Robusta koffieboon tot wel het dubbele cafeïne gehalte dan de Arabica koffieboon.


Since the robusta plant can easily grow at lower altitudes and different climates, it mainly comes from South America. The Arabica coffee bean mainly comes from the higher areas in Central Africa and Asia.

- Arabica coffee is usually of higher quality due to its refined taste
- The price of the Robusta coffee bean is lower than for the Arabica coffee bean
- The Robusta coffee bean contains up to twice as much caffeine as the Arabica coffee bean
- The Robusta coffee bean has fewer requirements for growing conditions than the Arabica coffee bean
- The yield of a Cafea Arabica plant is lower than that of a Robusta plant.

- Taste: Sweet and fresh
- Shape: Oval and large
- Caffeine: Low
- Price: Higher segment
- Origin: Higher areas, around equator

- Taste: Firm and bitter
- Shape: Round and smaller
- Caffeine: High
- Price: lower segment
- Origin: Lower regions, around equator

Arabica coffee is usually of better quality. Where Arabica coffee beans grow at height, these beans need to protect themselves less against the environment. At height, the oxygen level is also lower, which benefits the coffee bean.