What is good coffee?

Wat is lekkere koffie en hoe kom ik hieraan?

Good coffee is a question that we cannot answer the same for everyone. For example, person 1 may like Senseo coffee very much and person 2 may like lightly roasted or darkly roasted beans. The most important thing, however, is that you find the coffee that suits you. In this way we have listed a piece of history and how the coffee beans, but also the devices, have adapted to the taste we now drink at work, at home or in a restaurant.

History of coffee

The coffee bean was discovered around the 10th century in Ethiopia. The coffee bean then spread to Yemen around the 15th century, after which it spread further to Egypt and Turkey a century later. Coffee was meanwhile not only drunk at home but also in coffee houses. In these coffee houses, games were played, stories and opinions shared and performances took place. Because many people visited the city of Mecca every year, the news spread all over the world. In 1615 the first coffee house opened in Venice, followed by many other large cities in countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Netherlands followed in 1663 and the first large coffee house opened in Amsterdam, followed a year later by The Hague with its first large coffee house. The demand for coffee continued to increase.

A good bean is important for your cup of coffee.

The coffee quality of your cup of coffee is partly determined by the bean. However, behind this bean there are several factors that play a role. When a pit comes from the land, it is immediately prepared by the farmer to go to the burner. The most important thing here is that the seeds are picked at exactly the right time. A quality card is then attached to the wicks, after which they are sent to the burner. The burner developed for each beans harvests its own burner profile, after which the beans are roasted according to the profile. When the beans are roasted, they end up in the store.

However, what you consider a good bean is completely different. A dark bean in the supermarket is therefore often seen as a less good bean. This has to do with the fact that a less ripe kernel or less good kernel can hide the taste. Thus, the darkest bean does not have to be the tastiest and a less dark bean can be a tastier bean. Do you want to know more about coffee beans? Check out our coffee beans blog!

What effect does a farmer have on a coffee bean?

Coffee farmers can be found in warm countries which are mostly located in the south. There are many different ways in all these countries of growing the kernels until they can go to a coffee bean. The most popular way to grow coffee is on a tree. The bean as the farmer delivers it is the most important thing for a good coffee bean. As a coffee roaster in Keuringsdienst van Waarde pointed out, 'A good bean can only make you worse. The most important thing is the bean."

How does the roaster affect the beans?

When the berry reaches the burner, the burner will determine a correct profile for the bean. With small burners, a profile is created on the basis of the berry, which is applied by the burner in the ovens. This profile consists of a combination of heat, time and air input. When the temperature is increased and it sits longer in the oven, the bean gets darker and has a different taste. A small roaster will give its own profile for each coffee load. This is because each bean reacts differently in the oven. Most large roasters roast each bean according to a similar profile to a flavor the seller desires.

A berry such as this one comes from the burner is therefore not advised to taste or drink it. This is because during the roasting sugars are converted and the bean is only then ready to drink. A berry will taste grassy.

What effect does a coffee machine have on the taste of my coffee?

There are many different types of devices on the market right now. Important with a coffee machine are the grinding discs and the pressure with which the coffee is pressed through the machine. With a piston device, grinding and pressing coffee are separated from each other. These parts are combined in an automatic coffee machine. It is also important that the water that is pressed through the ground coffee is not too hot, but certainly not too cold. When the water gets too hot, it burns the ground coffee. If the water is not hot enough, the coffee will also be less flavorful.

A combination of the above components gives your coffee a perfect taste. We therefore advise you to combine a correct bean such as our Hipresso beans with a correct machine that meets your needs and offers a coffee that meets your taste.