How do I clean my coffee machine?

Mijn volautomatische koffiemachine ontkalken, hoe doe je dat?

For many people, coffee is an important part of daily life, whether for a cup of coffee before work or just before exercising. Your device needs maintenance for that delicious cup of coffee, but how do you properly clean your coffee machine?

Does your coffee have a stale taste or do you just need to clean your machine? A coffee maker has to deal with different types of clean water, coffee beans and dirty air. So you have to clean your coffee machine. We are happy to tell you how to keep your coffee machine clean.

1. Cleaning the individual parts of your coffee machine

Start by rinsing all loose parts of your device. Preferably do this with warm water and a brush, you often get this included with your coffee maker. This includes rinsing the water reservoir, cleaning the drip tray and cleaning under the brew group.

Parts that do not move can be cleaned with cleaning agents such as Dreft. Parts that do move, such as the bean grinder and the brew group, cannot be cleaned with a degreaser.

2. Descale your coffee machine

Descale your coffee machine once a month or at the latest once every three months. When descaling a coffee machine, it is important that the scale dissolves in the filters of the coffee machine. Because the dissolution of limescale can take longer, a descaling program of the coffee machine often takes a long time (30 minutes to 1 hour).

A descaling program is available with fully automatic coffee machines from Jura, Philips, Hipresso, etc. The machine knows exactly how much water with descaler it needs to remove the scale from the machine. Therefore, run through the program completely and use the correct cleaning agents.

We recommend using Durgol descaler. Read our complete explanation about how to descale a coffee machine here.

How to descale and clean your coffee machine properly

2.1 Descale a coffee machine with vinegar?

In many blogs it is advised to descale your coffee machine with vinegar. This seems like a cheap solution, but vinegar has a disadvantage compared to special cleaning products for lime. Vinegar breaks down the lime in the machine. Coffee machine cleaning products dissolve limescale.

When limescale breaks down inside the coffee machine, it becomes small particles that remain in the filters of the coffee machine. The disadvantage of this is that these particles remain behind in the machine. When using the right descalers, lime dissolves in the water and can pass through the filters.

However, vinegar can be perfectly used for a tea kettle or filter coffee machine. The filters in these machines are minimal, so that the broken lime comes out of the machine.

3. How do you clean the milk carafe or milk frother?

Do you have a milk jug or milk cup for your coffee at home? Then it must also be kept clean. We recommend rinsing it daily with water and soapy water.

Do you have a milk system in your coffee machine? Then it is important to clean the milk system with milk cleaner. Special milk cleaner ensures that milk dissolves in the composition and runs out of the parts. This prevents a dirty sticky mess in your coffee machine.

Milk cleaner pulls all the milk out of your milk system. This is how you ensure that your coffee machine gives a nice screen layer

4. How often should you clean your coffee machine?

A coffee maker should always be flushed after use. In this way, all pipes in the device are flushed with clean water. Do this after the last time you use the coffee maker that day or when the machine will not be used for a few hours. This way you prevent deposits in your pipes.

Furthermore, the device should be cleaned about once a month. Many fully automatic coffee makers indicate when they need to be cleaned.

5. Making coffee after cleaning your coffee machine

Hurrah! You can drink good coffee again. Do the first few cups taste slightly different? No worries. The difference with before cleaning is very big in taste and can take some getting used to. If you feel that you are tasting cleaning products, you can always let them run through extra well.

Not sure which cleaning products you need for your coffee machine? With this package you have all the cleaning items for a clean coffee machine for 3 months!