Hipresso DP2002
Coffee Machine

The Hipresso coffee machine is a sight to look at, use and taste. An experience that our customers really like.

Fully automatic

Our coffee machine is fully automatic. The machine cleans itself, for example, where you only have to give it a little push. It's that easy!

Hot coffee

Thanks to our double thermo block, our coffee machine can heat your coffee and/or milk separately. This way you also have a nice warm cup with a double brew!

Easy to use

Our large 7-inch touchscreen makes it easy to operate the machine. With the display you can set your coffee completely to your liking.

Specialty coffee beans
coffee beans

Coffee beans are the basis of your cup of coffee. That is why we have selected our specialty beans together with the coffee machine. The tastiest beans for our machine! Try it yourself!

Arabica beans

We only use the best kernels, burners and beans. This way we can be sure that you are using the best beans in your coffee machine.


Our coffee beans have been tested and selected using the Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine. This way your cup of coffee tastes exactly what it was designed for.

For every cup

There is a bean available for every type of coffee. This way you can enjoy cappuccinos and espressos as they were intended!

stainless steel milk jug
stainless steel milk jug

A milk jug must be functional, beautiful and durable. This is how we came up with the Hipresso DP2020 milk jug.

Simple connection

Due to the easy connection via the metal hose, the milk jug can easily be detached from the coffee machine. Perfect when you make a single cappuccino and then put your milk back in the fridge.

Thermal effect

Due to the double walls that are incorporated in our milk jug, the milk jug keeps your milk cold for a long time. This way you can make several cups of coffee without worry.


The round design of our milk carafe makes it perfect for placing in the fridge door. Without the chance that milk will come out of the milk jug into the fridge.

Permanently clean

Keeping a coffee machine clean is extremely important. We recommend our cleaners to keep the machine clean. This is perfect in combination with the automatic cleaning programs!


We have not redesigned our cleaners. However, we have perfectly combined the cleaners with our device. This way you know exactly how to keep your machine clean.


Because our cleaners are coordinated with each other, you can use all our products for exactly the same amount of time. This allows you to order all cleaners at once, also in the future.


Keeping a coffee machine clean is extremely important. If a coffee machine is not cleaned in time, the residue will damage the machine. You want to prevent this at all times.