Warranty/Repair Hipresso DP2002

When you have received an invoice from Hipresso, you are already known in the system. You no longer need to register your device first.

Walk through the questions below to see if you can solve this right at home.

Milk problems

When only steam comes out of the milk system, this means that a connection is not properly connected in the system. To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

1. Check that the milk system produces the same results for both the milk carafe and the clear tube.
If the clear tube works, can be found here< /a> find the solution.

2. When was the device last descaled with descaling agent?
Has this been done more than 2 weeks ago, we ask you to completely descale the device with descaling agent.

3. When was the milk system last cleaned?
Perform weekly! The milk system must be kept clean.

Have you completed all the steps? Then continue to the bottom of this page!

Milk can only froth if it is heated in combination with air. So when frothed milk comes out of the appliance, it is heated up correctly.

The device contains a sensor which heats up the heating element to the set temperature. If the heating element is not up to temperature, the device will first try to heat it up to the required temperature.

Milk always comes out of the device at the right temperature or completely cold, there can be no deviations.

Should you find that the milk from your appliance is not nice and warm, we advise you to warm up the cups you use. You can do this by
1. let the water residue fall into the cup when switching on the appliance
2. Heating the cup with hot water
3. Preheat the cups using the cup warmer on the device.

If your milk is completely cold, continue to the bottom of this page!

coffee problems

There can be several reasons why your coffee doesn't taste quite right. So your coffee doesn't taste good due to a lack of cleaning, but also by using the wrong beans or wrong settings.

1. You haven't cleaned your device in a long time
If you have done this more than a month ago with detergent, you should clean your device. click here for supplies and explanation.

2. You recently descaled or cleaned your appliance.
There may be some slight residue left in the device. In time this will disappear again. You can rinse the device 1 or 2 times to speed up this process.

3. Use the correct settings on your device.
a. Your coffee is too weak
Make your cup of coffee a little smaller, the bigger your coffee, the less strong it will be. We also advise you to increase the grams. click here for an explanation of how to adjust the bean grinder.
b. Your coffee tastes different from your previous machine
Each device has its own taste. Try out different beans, because this is the basis of your cup of coffee.

Software issues

It can sometimes happen that you get the message wrong, but you shouldn't get this too often. If you receive the message too often, we recommend that you first clean the bean container with the supplied brush. Click here for a detailed explanation of how to clean your bean container.

First of all, we advise you to descale the device via the settings. You can find this via the menu at the bottom left of the home screen. Descale the appliance in its entirety via this menu and also use descaling agent.

If you get the message again very quickly, the device can be set according to the lime in the water. Descaling can be set in the settings under 'device settings'. By default it is set to 2 drops: 'level 2'

Level 1: 880 cups, equivalent to Hardness Test Indicator Paper 50 mg/L or lower

Level 2: 440 cups, equivalent to Hardness Test Indicator Paper 120 mg/L or lower

Level 3: 280 cups, equivalent to Hardness Test Indicator Paper 250 mg/L or lower

Level 4: 220 cups, equivalent to hardness test paper 425 mg/L or lower/higher

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Your answer is not listed?

If you have gone through all the steps thoroughly, but you still experience your problem, we ask you to fill in the contact form below. Please note the following points carefully:

1. Use the email address where you received the invoice from us
2. Please tell us as accurately as possible what problems you are experiencing
3. If there is more information that we can possibly use, we would also like to receive it.