How do you clean a coffee machine?


Properly descaling a coffee machine is important for the life of the machine.

1x per month or at the latest when reported

Milk system

Do you use the milking system a lot? Clean it thoroughly every day after use and weekly.

1x every 14 days with regular use

Brew group

Do you regularly make a cup of coffee? Then clean your brew group monthly. In this way, the coffee machine will continue to make delicious coffee in the long run!

1x per 14 days or buy 250 coffee

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Descaling a coffee machine should be done regularly. The amount of descaling depends on the water hardness and how often the appliance is used.

Durgol swiss espresso 2x 125ml - Hipresso

Durgol swiss espresso 2x 125ml

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The best coffee machine descaler

The swiss espresso Durgol coffee machine descaler is a special descaler for all brands of high-quality espresso machines, fully automatic, semi-automatic and of course also for all coffee pad machines. The swiss espresso descaler is very effective, simple and safe to use and guarantees easy and fast descaling without additional processing time. With regular use, an optimal quality of the espresso is guaranteed. Ideal for descaling your Hipresso!

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Milk system

To maintain a healthy milk system, it must be cleaned. This system must be cleaned with milk system cleaner.

Volautomatische koffiemachine melksysteem reinigen
Onderdelen die gereinigd dienen te worden voor melksysteem Hipresso

The parts of the photo can be cleaned using the milk cleaner. Do this with the ratio as prescribed on the bottle.

Once a week you should remove the mouthpiece from the device and soak it in the milk cleaner. Do this with the prescribed ratio as found on the package in lukewarm water for about 15-30 minutes. Do not loosen the mouthpiece further than by pulling at the arrow in the photo.

Hoe maak je het Hipresso melksysteem schoon
Hipresso Milksystem cleaner 250ml

Hipresso Milksystem cleaner 250ml

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Milk System Cleaner. For clean cappuccinos.

The Hipresso milk system cleaner has been developed so that you can always enjoy your coffee specialties. The formula is made for use in fully automatic machines, and guarantees a very effective and gentle cleaning, extending the life of the fully automatic machine. By rinsing the milk spout with the cleaner, milk residues and milk fats are removed and the fully automatic machine is hygienically clean for the next use.

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brew group

You can clean the brew group via the powder tray. Drop a cleaning tablet directly into the brew group and select the brew group cleaning programme. Do this every 2 weeks or every 250 moves.

Zetgroep Hipresso reinigen
Hipresso schoonmaken zetgroep

When cleaning the brew group, it is important to remove and clean the brew group by hand. Do this using the brush and water. The brew group should be greased.

Hipresso cleaning tablets 10 tabs blister 1.6g

Hipresso cleaning tablets 10 tabs blister 1.6g

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Brew group cleaner. Keep your brew group clean.

Voor de beste kop koffie heb je niet alleen een uitstekende koffiemachine en bonen nodig, ook is het fijn als het apparaat van binnen schoon en hygiënisch is. Regelmatig reinigen en ontkalken is een must voor elk espressoapparaat. De Hipresso reinigingstabletten zorgen voor een grondige reiniging, koffie- en vetresten worden verwijderd zodat jij kunt genieten van heerlijk verse koffie. Wij adviseren u om het apparaat om de twee weken of na 250 kopjes koffie te reinigen voor een optimaal gebruik van de espressomachine. Deze tabletten zijn geschikt voor alle koffiemachines.