Hipresso melkkan DP2020
Hipresso Milkcan
Hipresso melkkan DP2020 alle onderdelen bij pakket
Hipresso Milkcan
Hipresso Melkkan - DP2020 - Hipresso

Hipresso Milkcan

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Milk jug for an easy Cappuccino

With a fully automatic coffee machine, we naturally also want the cappuccinos and latte machiatos to be brewed fully automatically. Because these drinks are a combination of coffee and milk, we have the Hipresso Milk Jug DP2020 for this. A milk jug that can easily be put back in the fridge, so you don't have to fill the cup to precision and you have a delicious cappuccino again tomorrow.

The hyper-elegant Hipresso stainless steel milk jug offers you the ultimate coffee experience in combination with the Hipresso DP2020 fully automatic espresso machine. You simply connect it to the machine, after which a finger touch is enough for instant cappuccino, cafe latte or a delicious glass of warm milk. The brushed stainless steel housing makes the milk jug a beautiful object next to your coffee machine, which you will keep staring at. After use, the pre-programmed cleaning program rinses the milk hose for you and you can immediately cool the milk again.

Technically very good.
Specs. Finger licking good.

19 Bar Italian pump.
The high working pressure perfectly extracts all taste sensations from the bean and creates creamy coffee.

Swiss pressure gauge.
Measure with unprecedented precision and harmonize your cup.

High-quality conical grinders.
Professional adjustable grinding discs guarantee an optimal brewing process.

Double thermoblock system
Water and milk are heated separately simultaneously, for a fast brewing process of unsurpassed tasty coffee . The system also leads to less limescale formation and an extra long life.

Model Number:DP2002AC 120V 60Hz:AC 220-240V 50/60HzPower consumption:1150-1350W Screen: 7” HD TFT (pixel:1024*600) Touch screen: smart touch screenCapacity of water tank (L):1.8LCapacity of bean container (g): 160gCapacity of coffee grounds container (PCS): 10PCSPowder quantity single cup (G): 7-12gSingle cup volume quantity (ml):20-250mlSpout height range (mm) :80-144mmNet weight(kg):13kgOverall dimensions(mm):L463*W283*H365mm

start to finish

Your cup of coffee is more than just the drink. It's the convenience, the sound and the view in your kitchen, office or any other space!

Hipresso DP2002 koffiemachine | Volautomatische koffiezetapparaat met bonen
Fully automatic

Thanks to the fully automatic cleaning programs, you only have to give the coffee machine a push, the machine does the rest itself. The first step is to add the cleaning agents. It's that easy!

Double thermoblock

Thanks to the double thermoblock, the coffee machine can heat both the coffee and/or milk separately during a double brew. For example, the first cup is just as hot as the second cup of coffee.


The Hipresso coffee machine offers a perfect combination of simple technology on the inside, while it is still a technical tour de force as a coffee machine. Easy to service without being very expensive!

Hipresso koffiemachine DP2002 7 inch scherm
7 inch screen

Select your cup of coffee via our intuitive 7-inch screen. A screen where you can customize everything for your perfect cup of coffee!

19 bar

Due to the strong 19 bar pump, the coffee is pressed under high pressure. This ensures a nice cup of coffee for every drinker. Both the stronger and less strong coffee will taste perfect.


Thanks to the large 7-inch touchscreen, every cup of coffee can be adjusted to perfection. This way you can adjust the grams of coffee, the amount of coffee and the amount of milk almost infinitely.


Due to the double thermoblock in combination with the touchscreen, the temperature per coffee can be adjusted in steps of 5 degrees between 70 and 95 degrees. Nice and warm bowl!

Automatic cleaning

A big pain point is cleaning a coffee machine. The Hipresso does this completely automatically. The coffee machine is ready for use again in no time!

Combineer de Hipresso melkkan met de Hipresso koffiemachine

You can combine our milk jug perfectly with the Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine. A seamless connection ensures perfect cooperation between milk and machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jan Oldeboer
Mooie melkkan

Jammer dat tijdens het spoelen van de opschuimer de melkslang los op de water opvangbak moet hangen.

Goedendag Jan,

Hartelijk dank voor jouw review! Links in het treeplankje van het apparaat bevind zich een zwart dopje waar je de melkslang in kan vast klikken tijdens het spoelen. Mocht deze onverhoopt zijn kwijt geraakt stuur dan een mail naar info@hipresso.eu, wij kunnen jou dan van een nieuwe voorzien.

Met vriendelijke groet,

ger van leeuwen
Prima service

Heerlijke koffie en gebruiksvriendelijk

Mr. Malik

Hipresso Melkkan - DP2020

Han Kuster
Mooie melkkan

Niet goedkoop maar wel heel mooi, en er kan ook nog melk in.

hans bosma
Mooie beker

Ziet er goed uit, handig in gebruik

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Hipresso DP2002 you can make the following types of coffee:
- Espresso
- Lungo
- Americano
- Cappuccino
- Macchiato
- Latte
- Latte Macchiato
- Flat White
- Warm Milk
- Milk Foam
- Hot Water (not for tea)
- All of the above can also double, with the exception of the Americano

Our grinding discs are made of conical metal which are adjustable in 4 positions.

If you have a problem with your device, we will ask you first here to register. Then we will see if we can solve your problem remotely. If this does not give the desired result, you can send the device to us. With common problems, your device will be back at your home within 4 days on average. For more complex problems, this can take up to 14 days. You will always have your device back within a maximum of 14 days.

Yes, the Hipresso coffee machine can accommodate different types of beans. Keep in mind that one bean is fatter than the other bean. A fatter bean may mean that the passage under the burrs needs to be cleaned a little more often.

We advise you to try our Hipresso coffee beans in your Hipresso coffee machine. Our coffee beans are tested and optimized for the coffee machine. Click here to read more about our coffee beans.

Yes, our device can be seen and tested throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The sales advisors in the store can tell you more about the coffee machine. You can of course always contact us.

Click here to view all our locations

In our extensive help center you can find much more and more extensive find answers to all your questions.