Fresh coffee at the office

You probably know it, the weak coffee in the office. That is why you are only too happy to take your coffee from home. Why couldn't this be any other way?

Why do you want good coffee at the office?

1. Health Benefits

When you drink 2 cups of coffee a day, the coffee has a positive effect on your body. Caffeine is healthy for your heart and can help the cells and arteries around your heart function better. Research has shown that this works against cardiovascular disease.

Coffee also contains an antioxidant. This works out substances from your body that cause obesity and inflammation. Coffee reduces the risk of obesity.

2. Better working atmosphere

A good coffee machine gives the office a chance to get to know your colleagues in a different way. Besides talking to colleagues about business points, you also get to know colleagues in other ways. This makes getting a cup of coffee for a colleague extra fun!

Many companies that offer filter coffee are a missed opportunity. Employees then go get coffee at a coffee shop and therefore miss the social chat with colleagues.

3. Business card

In addition to the fact that good coffee is perfect for mutual social contact, it also works well for customers. With potential new customers, a good cup of coffee is of utmost importance. In the end, the first impression is half the battle.


Fresh coffee at the office is important to keep you and your colleagues sharp and happy. Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee at the office?

Hipresso's verse koffiebonen
Really fresh!

Many offices use pre-ground coffee. When using pre-ground coffee, many flavors and aromas are lost. By using fresh coffee beans it is extra attractive to drink a delicious cup of coffee at the office.

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How much does a cup of coffee cost at the office?

We are often asked whether fresh coffee at the office is not extra expensive? On average you pay 16.95 euros per kilo of fresh coffee from Hipresso. If you buy per box of 9 kilos, the price drops even further to 14.99 euros. This way you only pay 0.15 euros per cup of coffee at the office!

Wat kost een kopje koffie op kantoor?

All coffee supplies for the office

Now that you know why a good coffee machine in the office is of great importance, we are happy to help you with the right products.

Hipresso DP2002 - Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Regular price€799,00
  • Milk system for fresh cappuccinos
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ordered today = delivered tomorrow (within Europe)

A world of coffee comes to life at your fingertips with our Hipresso DP2002. A fully automatic espresso machine with a stunning design and brewing performance. With a double thermoblock that allows you to simultaneously make your coffee and heat your milk. Discover our fully automatic coffee machine and order directly to bring the ultimate coffee experience into your home.

Intuitive operation.
To see. To touch. To enjoy.

The large 7-inch smart HD touchscreen makes brewing coffee as intuitive as drinking coffee. A simple touch of your favourite coffee preparation is all it takes to create a beautiful cup of coffee.

All coffee preparations.
No barista training required.

Enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee, without having to think about volume, dose or temperature. Effortlessly brew professional espresso, café lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white or even hot milk and tea. Would you still like to experiment with flavours? Then simply program the temperature, the coffee dose, the milk and water volume yourself.

An astonishing design.
Superb eye-catcher.

The compact machine's matte black body is flanked by brushed aluminum sides. You can' t keep your eyes off this design.

Cleans itself.
Is ultimate. Stays ultimate.

The machine keeps itself in top condition with a number of pre-programmed cleaning programs. The brew group, milk foam accessories, drip tray, water tank and waste container are individually removable and easy to clean.

Technically refined.
Remarkable specifications.

19 Bar Italian pump.
The high workload perfectly extracts all taste sensations from the bean and creates creamy coffee.

Swiss pressure gauge.
Measures with unprecedented precision and harmonises your cup.

High-quality conical grinding discs.
Professional adjustable grinders guarantee an optimal brewing process.

Double thermoblock system
Water and milk are simultaneously but separately heated for a fast brewing process of unsurpassed delicious coffee. This system will lead to less limescale formation and an extra long lifespan.

Model Number:


AC 120V 60Hz:

AC 220-240V 50/60Hz

Power usage:



7” HD TFT (pixel:1024*600)

Touch screen:

Smart touchscreen

Capacity water tank (L):


Capacity coffee bean tank (g):


Capacity coffee grounds container (PCS):


Coffee powder single cup (G):


Single cup volume (ml):


Spout height (mm):


Net weight (kg):


General dimensions (mm):


Recommended accessory
Dream. Team.

The design milk container made of brushed stainless steel keeps your milk cool and fresh and is essential for the automatic preparation of milk specialties.

Click here to download the Dutch manual of the Hipresso DP2002.

Click here
to download the English manual of the Hipresso DP2002.

Hipresso Milkcan

Regular price€49,99

Fully automatic is not semi-automatic

With a fully automatic coffee machine, we naturally also want the cappuccinos and latte machiatos to be brewed fully automatically. Because these drinks are a combination of coffee and milk, we have the Hipresso Milk Jug DP2020 for this. A milk jug that can easily be put back in the fridge, so you don't have to fill the cup to precision and you have a delicious cappuccino again tomorrow.

The hyper-elegant Hipresso stainless steel milk jug offers you the ultimate coffee experience in combination with the Hipresso DP2020 fully automatic espresso machine. You simply connect it to the machine, after which a finger touch is enough for instant cappuccino, cafe latte or a delicious glass of warm milk. The brushed stainless steel housing makes the milk jug a beautiful object next to your coffee machine, which you will keep staring at. After use, the pre-programmed cleaning program rinses the milk hose for you and you can immediately cool the milk again.

Hipresso White Coffee Beans

Sale price€16,95

Hipresso White Coffee Beans
Subtly fresh and extremely aromatic

Do you like strong cappuccino, do you love latte macchiato or is flat white your favorite coffee specialty? Then you say milk and when you say milk you say Hipresso White. This blend has been specially composed by our roaster for preparing coffees with milk, but you should definitely try it neat too! The coffee tastes subtly fresh, is very aromatic and has a long, slightly sweet aftertaste with notes of dried fruit and a hint of cocoa. The beautiful caramel-coloured cream also makes the coffee visually a pleasure.

When developing the Hipresso White, we went in search of a coffee bean with a strong taste that offers a nice counterbalance to the milk. We found it in the SHB San Rafael Rz Tarrazú from Costa Rica. Blending with beans from Guatemala creates a unique mix that makes your cup of coffee the ultimate coffee experience.

SHB San Rafael Rz Tarrazú
South of Costa Rica's capital, San José, are the majestic mountains of Tarrazú. This region is known worldwide for the excellent coffee that comes from it. And this coffee, the SHB San Rafael Rz Tarrazú, is considered the crème de la crème of the region by international cuppers. SHB stands for Strictly Hard Beans, or coffee beans of the absolute top level. Only coffee beans that grow at an altitude of at least 1300 meters above sea level are eligible for this. The high altitude allows for slow growth and a unique development of complexity, an intense aroma and lively citrus flavours.

Guatemala Robusta Lavato
These Guatemalan beans originate in the high area of San Marcos, at an altitude between 600 and 700 meters. The bean creates an intense and balanced taste, with a full body, and a long finish with spicy notes.