A modern Coffee Machine

Hoe kies ik een moderne volautomatische koffiemachine

A modern coffee maker does not have to be expensive, but it should be elegant and convenient to use. Why is the Hipresso DP2002 a truly modern coffee machine? We explain it to you here!

More than just a modern look

By operating the device via a hypermodern touch screen, you can easily choose the coffee you want. This screen also contributes to a modern look in combination with the stainless steel on the sides. But in addition to this modern look, it also offers you the opportunity to immediately make your coffee slightly stronger or larger or smaller when the right cups are in the dishwasher.


Modern Cleaning

Cleaning a coffee maker is seen as a hell of a job. However, today's modern coffee machines are smart and remind you to run the milk tube for a while. Cleaning the device itself is also done by means of a nice cleaning package where the device does the rest.

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