5 advantages for a coffee machine with a milk jug

Volautomatische koffiemachine met melksysteem

In the past, most appliances were delivered with a separate milk container or special container in which the milk can be placed for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. Current coffee makers use a separate milk jug that is connected to the device via a plastic hose.

What is the advantage of a milk jug?

A milk jug can be connected to the Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine. Ideally, this milk jug can be connected to the espresso machine with a RVS hose. This RVS milk jug can easily be placed in the fridge to use the milk again later. The advantage of the milk can is that the milk is not in the coffee machine itself and will therefore mold less quickly.

Does a milk jug need to be cleaned?

A milk jug also needs to be cleaned eventually. But because the coffee machine regularly flushes the internal tubes, the device keeps it clean itself. The milk jug is recommended to be cleaned once a week.

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