Silent bean coffee machine

Stilste volautomatische koffiemachine 2022

Not just any coffee machine is equally quiet. With a fully automatic coffee machine, for example, the bean grinder makes more noise, but brewing the coffee with a simple Nespresso machine can make more noise than when brewing the coffee with a bean coffee machine.

What are silent coffee machines?

Coffee machines that have a noise level of up to 66 decibels can be seen as quiet. Coffee machines that are between 66 and 70 decibels are average. Machines that make more than 70 decibels of noise are loud devices. Compared to, for example, a dishwasher, the dishwasher makes a maximum of 48 decibels of noise. A washing machine at full speed makes a noise of 75 dB.

How do you measure the noise level of a coffee machine?

The sound level of a coffee machine is usually measured 1 meter away from the machine in a special studio. This studio is closed off from other noises and the walls are covered with insulating material so that it does not reverberate. The device is then turned on and the sound is continuously measured until an average is obtained. For example, one device may be quieter on paper, but in reality, for example, the bean grinder is not quiet. We therefore recommend that you view and listen to a coffee machine in a showroom. This way you have an idea of what to expect. However, keep in mind that a showroom has different acoustics than your kitchen. Due to the ambient noise and the larger space, your new device therefore seems quieter in a showroom than at your home, this is normal.

If you want to know exactly how a device sounds in your home, you can test some devices. We often also have test machines at Hipresso and you can test the Hipresso DP2002 in your own kitchen without any obligation! Send us a message via the live chat with all your questions!

What makes a coffee machine quiet?
What makes a coffee machine quiet?