A coffee maker for a small office

Een koffiezetapparaat voor klein kantoor

A coffee machine for the office is an absolute must these days. Many employees have renewed their device at home and thus make the best coffee every day, offering this at the office is important to more and more people!


1. Buying a small office coffee machine for business
2. Small Business Coffee Maker
3. What are the requirements of the business coffee machine?

Buy a coffee machine in a small office for business

In many cases, it is best to buy a coffee maker for a small business office directly. Think of offices for up to 10 people with additional guests. By purchasing the coffee machine directly, the company does not have to pay fixed costs for the device and it can be used optimally by all employees.

With a coffee machine for a small office, we recommend choosing a coffee machine with beans. Everyone wants good coffee and the best coffee comes from a coffee maker with beans, especially if it is in the office.

You can also choose which coffee bean to drink when purchasing. One week you can drink the bean for the perfect espresso and later the bean for a perfect latte machiatto.

Coffee machine for small business use

Are you a small business looking for a replacement machine for your Nespresso, coffee cups or simply ready for a new start? We definitely advise you to switch to a fresh bean coffee machine!

What are the requirements for the business coffee machine?

Ask yourself what the requirements are for your new business coffee machine. Think of the taste of the coffee: a cup machine tastes completely different from a fresh bean coffee machine. The choice is large in the coffee market. For example, there is instant coffee from the previously mentioned cup machines, but we recommend a coffee maker with fresh beans!

A business fully automatic coffee machine for small offices

Fully automatic espresso machine for a small or middle bussines