Descaling a fully automatic coffee machine: how do you do it?

Hoe moet ik mijn volautomatische koffiemachine ontkalken?

A fully automatic espresso machine or coffee machine can easily be descaled if you use the right cleaning products and actions. Please note: it may differ slightly per device, we use the espresso machine from Hipresso as an example.

Equipment for descaling the coffee machine

To descale the coffee machine you need the following parts:

- Descaling tablets or liquid
- Cleaning cloth
- Drip tray (with fully automatic machines you can often use the drip tray for coffee grounds)

How do you descale the device?

1. Empty the water container and make sure the water container is clean. There may be residue left here from the water (or during filling).

2. Fill the water tank to the amount that fits.

3. Let the descaler (tablet or liquid) dissolve in the water in the reservoir.

4. Place the drip tray under the appliance outlet. This prevents other places from getting dirty or flooding.

4. Select the descaling program from the settings menu. It can differ per coffee machine how you start the descaling program.

5. During the program the machine may ask to empty the drip tray, keep an eye on this.

6. When the program is completely over, rinse the water reservoir with water and let the coffee machine run through it once so that all descaling residues have been removed from the machine.

7. Your machine can be used again!

I have a water softener, do I have to descale my coffee machine?

Even if you have a water softener, we recommend descaling your coffee machine. During the descaling of a device, not only lime is removed, but also other dirt. This dirt enters the coffee machine during the brewing process.