How many cups of coffee can I get from 1 kg of beans?

Hoeveel koffie kopjes kan je uit een kilo koffiebonen halen?

With the Hipresso DP2002 coffee machine, an average of 10-12 grams of coffee beans are ground per cup of coffee. But how much coffee do you get out of a bag?

'How many cups of coffee from 1 kg of beans?'

This means that on average 100-120 cups of coffee can be obtained from a 1 kg bag.

How many ML is a cup of coffee lungo?

A cup of lungo coffee from a Hipresso machine is set to 70ml by default. However, a lungo can differ per device and this is usually between 70-95 ml.

Espresso Cup Hipresso DP2002 Coffee Machine
Espresso Cup Hipresso DP2002 Coffee Machine

How many ml is a cup of espresso coffee?

A cup of espresso coffee is only 30 ml. This is therefore set as standard with a Hipresso DP2002 at 30 ml.

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How much do the cups of coffee cost?

If we only look at the cost of the coffee beans, you pay 19 cents per cup. This takes into account 11 grams of beans that are used per cup of coffee and a kilo price of 16.95 euros. The price per kilo is of course entirely determined by the type of coffee and brand of coffee used. In our calculation we start from the Hipresso coffee beans. In addition, it strongly depends per device (and user) how much ground coffee you need per cup and how much coffee comes out of this.