Are fresh coffee beans better than cups?

Waarom verse koffiebonen beter zijn dan cupjes (nespresso)

Yes, fresh coffee beans are better than cups. In this article we will therefore go into more detail about why the coffee beans are better and what the difference is in taste.


Taste differences between cups and fresh beans.

A big difference between cups and fresh beans is the difference in taste. When the beans are ground, many flavors are immediately released which you do not want to lose. The longer it takes between grinding the beans and drinking them, the more flavors they lose. In addition, fresh beans produce a beautiful crema layer which is lost if it is not drunk immediately, so the crema layer is made differently. Thus, the taste is purest when the coffee is drunk immediately after grinding.


Price difference between cups and fresh beans.

In addition to the fact that fresh beans are better, there is also a big price difference. Coffee cups can be up to 3x (or even more) as expensive as fresh beans.


When do we recommend a cup machine?

We recommend a cup machine if you drink a single cup of coffee per week or even per month. For example, if you are not a coffee drinker but your friends are, a cup machine can be the solution.