How do I clean my coffee machine?

Mijn volautomatische koffiemachine schoonhouden

Does your coffee have a stale taste or do you just need to clean your machine? A coffee maker has to deal with different types of clean water and therefore needs to be cleaned several times a month. Below you can read how you can do this in different ways.

Clean coffee maker with vinegar.

Start by rinsing all loose parts of your device. Preferably do this with warm water. Also do not forget to rinse the milk container clean together with any pipes.

Start by assembling the product with which we are going to clean the device. This can be with our coffee cleaning package but also with vinegar. For the vinegar mixture you should use a 50/50 ratio, 0.5 liters of vinegar and 0.5 liters of water.

 Coffee maker cleaner package
Coffee maker cleaner package

How do you descale your coffee machine?

Every device is unique, so check the user manual of your device. Here you will find the easiest way to clean your device. By flushing the device with the mixture made earlier, this mixture will in principle take all the lime with it. If you still see a little limescale, you can remove it with a cloth.

How do you clean the milk carafe or milk cup?

It can be easily cleaned by rinsing it well with warm water. Can't remove all the residue? Click here for our milk cleaner that cleans your milk carafe perfectly.

How often should I clean my coffee machine?

A coffee maker should always be rinsed after use. In this way, all pipes in the device are properly flushed. Do this after the last time you use the device that day or when the device will not be used for a few hours.

Furthermore, the device should be thoroughly cleaned about once a month. The Hipresso DP2002 will also indicate this by means of a pop-up. The coffee machine must be descaled so that the pipes are clean again and no coffee residue starts to mold. The taste of the coffee can also change due to insufficient cleaning.