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It probably sounds like something new after all. Is it nespresso, espresso, or hyper presso? No, the innovative brand is really called Hipresso. But how did the brand come about? And who is behind this concept? We are happy to include you in our company story.

Devon van Hipresso - Over ons Hipresso

Founder of Hipresso

COO Hipresso - Regelt alle dagelijkse zaken van Hipresso EU

Operational manager

Het gezicht van Hipresso Danley van Erven - Over ons Hipresso

Content specialist

Service specialist Hipresso | Ruben

Service specialist

Sales Stagiaire Hipresso Thierry Ten Cate

Sales Intern

Content specialist Jasper Janssen - Hipresso's content specialist - Hipresso over ons

UX- / Design specialist

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What do we find important within the organization?

Hipresso klantenservice

Our specialists are always available! Via chat, e-mail and telephone. This ensures that we can quickly contact you if there are any questions. However, all the answers can already be found on our frequently asked questions page. This way we keep everything nice and clear!

Our own service department

All our employees know the product inside out. However, we also have the service up to repairs under our own management. This means we know exactly what happens to your device, and we can repair your device extra quickly if necessary!

Service dienst Hipresso - Laat jouw Hipresso apparaten repareren
Hipresso vandaag besteld is morgen in huis - Hipresso voor 21:00 uur besteld is morgen in huis
Own Stock

Sometimes an order can take a very long time… Not at Hipresso, we manage our stock in-house and work with a professional carrier company. This ensures that you can enjoy your new machine machine tomorrow if you order before 22:00!


With a young dynamic team, it is all too clear how fast technology moves! That is why we like to innovate within our products, service and online environment.

Innoveren is belangrijk bij Hipresso

Our combined reviews on this page are the result of surveys taken at our points of sale in June 2022.

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