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It probably sounds like something new after all. Is it nespresso, espresso, or hyper presso? No, the innovative brand is really called Hipresso. But how did the brand come about? And who is behind this concept? We are happy to include you in our company story.

Devon and Justin,

Devon first came into contact with coffee machines while working at the coffee discounter/coffee store. Every day he encountered the wishes of the customer's coffee machines, and saw opportunities where other brands were lagging behind. “the coffee machine branch is boring, old-fashioned, it's time to innovate”. After gaining experience within the industry, Devon decided it was time to create the ultimate coffee experience. The machine was developed with unique distinguishing features, such as a touchscreen, double move, built-in cleaning programs. But accessible everywhere, and for everyone. This contributes to our mission to provide the ultimate coffee experience.

Justin was the first to come into contact with coffee within the workplace of the white goods fireplace. Here Justin was responsible for thinking along within the e-commerce strategy and setting up customer service. “When the service is good, our customers are happy, and happy customers help us grow.” Justin now uses his specialty to provide even better service every day. In addition, he makes it possible for you to find us, and for example read this story.

Service specialist

We strive for the best service for you! If I fix a machine, you'll get it back even better.

Over Hipresso: Service specialist Ruben van Hipresso repareert Hipresso DP2002 volautomatische koffiemachines
Sales specialist

We offer you a unique machine! This responds to the average wish of all consumers who like to drink coffee. This makes it very nice to advise you.

Content specialist

Hipreso is new, and unknown. I will make sure that you can experience the products online in the best way.

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What do we find important within the organization?


Our specialists are always available! Via chat, e-mail and telephone. This ensures that we can quickly contact you if there are any questions. However, all the answers can already be found on our frequently asked questions page. This way we keep everything nice and clear!

Our own service department

All our employees know the product inside out. However, we also have the service up to repairs under our own management. This means we know exactly what happens to your device, and we can repair your device extra quickly if necessary!

Own Stock

Sometimes an order can take a very long time… Not at Hipresso, we manage our stock in-house and work with a professional carrier company. This ensures that you can enjoy your new machine machine tomorrow if you order before 22:00!

All parts in stock

We think it is important that if something breaks, it is repaired quickly. That is why we have all parts in stock. This makes it possible for us to carry out an extra fast repair!


With a young dynamic team, it is all too clear how fast technology moves! That is why we like to innovate within our products, service and online environment.

learning environment

In addition to being a young dynamic team, we are also an SBB recognized training company and we offer space to HBO students. We like to contribute to the knowledge of young students, but also like to learn from the feedback of these students.

Our combined reviews on this page are the result of surveys taken at our points of sale in June 2022.