Where do the Hipresso coffee beans come from?

The Hipresso specialty coffee beans are not just any coffee beans. Our coffee beans have been selected as a package in collaboration with our Italian roaster. As a result, each coffee has its own bean and a perfect flavor profile. This comes from pure seeds or blends that are made, such as our Green coffee beans.

Hipresso koffiebonen White | Waar komt het vandaan?

The Hipresso White coffee beans come from Costa Rica and Guatemala. A delicious blend for the Cappuccino Latte Macchiato.

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Hipresso koffiebonen Gold | Waar komt het vandaan?

The Hipresso Gold coffee beans come from Colombia. A single Origin coffee bean, straight from the mountains of Santander in Colombia.

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Hipresso koffiebonen Green | Waar komt het vandaan?

The Hipresso Green coffee beans come from Brazil and Colombia. This blend from Colombia makes the Brazilian bean unique!

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Specialty coffee beans

Do you like a strong espresso with a long, delicate aftertaste? Or do you just like to enjoy a perfectly balanced cappuccino or latte macchiato? You can enjoy every day with our fresh coffee beans. Go for an uncut taste sensation with a single origin coffee or choose one of the beautiful coffee compositions from our house roaster.

Hipresso specialty verse koffiebonen
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Hipresso White koffiebonen

Een perfecte blend van pitten vanuit Costa Rica en Guatemala. Een zachte toch kruidige blend welke je zelden tegenkomt!

Costa rica staat bekend om koffiebonen van Hipresso White
Costa rica staat bekend om koffiebonen van Hipresso White koffiebonen
Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful nature, southern climate and beautiful nature. The farmers know how to grow the coffee bean in this beautiful nature.


The seeds 'SHB San Rafael Rz Tarrazú' are grown in the mountains south of San José. These kernels are known as crème de la crème of the region. These coffee beans are grown at a minimum altitude of 1300 meters. As a result, the seeds grow more slowly than usual, but with a unique structure.

Costa Rica Koffiebonen | Hoe groeien de koffiebonen in Costa Rica?

The soft kernels from Costa Rica are then brought to a true taste sensation by our roaster in Italy. This blends the seeds with seeds directly from Guatemala. The seeds in Guatemala are grown at an altitude of at least 600 meters and have a spicy taste. A perfect combination for a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

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Hipresso Gold Koffiebonen

De Gold is een Single Origin koffieboon welke direct uit de bergen van Santador, Colombia komen. De boon is voor kenners te herkennen aan zijn unieke en onderscheidende smaak.

Colombiaanse koffiebonen | Hoe groeien de Colombiaanse koffiebonen?

The Colombian kernels come directly from the mountains of Santador. Where Colombia is more known for its beautiful nature, water boards and culture, a unique type of coffee bean is also produced here!


Far from the crowds and high in the mountains is the Santader region. The Colombian plantations are located at an altitude of 1300 - 1700 meters. In the mountains, between the rivers. The lower air pressure and lower temperatures allow the coffee beans to ripen at a slower pace.

Koffiebonen uit Santander | De beste koffiebonen

The Gold coffee bean is a perfect bean to drink neat in, for example, an Espresso. Its balanced acidity and long finish offer a true taste sensation. The bean is therefore delicious to combine with chocolate!

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Hipresso Green Koffiebonen

De Green koffieboon van Hipresso is een 50/50 verdeling tussen een Colombiaanse en Braziliaanse koffieboon. De door onze brander gemaakte compositie biedt een pittige mix met zachte aroma's

Colombia/ Brazil

50% of the flavor profile comes from Colombia, just like the 'Gold' coffee bean. Where the Colombian Arabica brings the delicious aromas of Cocoa and Honey, this offers a delicious addition to the more spicy Brazilian coffee beans

Colombiaanse koffiebonen | Een overheerlijke 50/50 mix profiel voor koffiebonen
Braziliaanse koffiebonen achter Rio De Janeiro
Koffiebonen uit de regio Santander voor een perfecte blend met Braziliaanse koffiebonen

The seeds for the 50% distribution of our 'Green' coffee beans come from the same region as the 'Gold' coffee beans. These are grown at height to allow the seeds to grow more slowly for a unique flavor profile.

Unique blend

The 'Green' coffee bean has been an essential part of the best Italian blends for many years and we are proud that our roaster is allowed to use this bean. The sweetness is unparalleled and the coffee has a low acidity, cocoa notes and a full, round body.

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